Wednesday, November 30, 2011

ISB application in R2

I have finally pressed the submit button today. My ISB app has been submitted and it feels so good. Now there will be a small waiting period but I will be busy in preparing apps for other schools. This whole process of introspection was very tough for me. I struggled hard in the whole process. But in the end, I am happy about the outcome. As I told in my previous posts, I believe I have attained the zen of Essay writing and I am very proud of it. Today I gave some pointers to my friend about a mini essay for FMS Delhi and he complemented me genuinely for my good advice. If everything goes right, then I have just 3 weeks to prepare for ISB interviews. I should better get started.

Free Profile Review

I feel I have stated to get the hang of MBA admissions. I have decided to do review of essays of readers of my blog. You can send your essays to And that goes without saying that this service is absolutely free of cost :)