Thursday, May 26, 2011

When you get an MBA, you never know who you will meet at the top

The business world has more variety than ever, and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs are a part of that. From new students at business colleges to the top online MBA programs, the young people aspiring for a business degree show off a wide range of experience and ability. I wonder and try to figure out what kind of achievements B-Schools look for in an aspirant. Nowadays people are distinguishing themselves in quite innovative ways. Today I came across this article about eclectic mix of people at ISB-2012 class. Just reproducing here from the article few lines that matter.

Class of Achievers

It is not just academic excellence and work experience that the ISB looks for. Many of the students who joined the class have demonstrated multi dimensional leadership abilities. They are strong achievers in their own sphere of work and also across areas that they choose to focus on. Among this talented group are -
• India's first Audio Book Author
• A doctor, who is also a State Home Secretary
• A commander in the Indian Naval Force
• Film Directors, Playwrights and Poets
• Trained Dancers and Choreographers
• Certified Sky Divers and Scuba Divers
• Several Academic Rank Holders

So next year, when you enter into your dream B-School, an army of smart people will be there. Be ready to belong there :)


  1. When you get there, what tag-line will they use to describe you?

    Start thinking of some nice ones :-)

    MBA Crystal Ball

  2. I have few lines coming up in my mind to describe myself :)... Feels good..

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