Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Glass is Half Full Cliche

Its a cliche and is often overused. But very true and life saving quote. Count your blessings. There is nothing in this world that is black or white. Everything is in shades of gray. A successful person only focuses on the white portion. A depressed person always focuses on the black portion.

We attract negative thoughts more easily than positive ones. And we know that thoughts become reality. Now what we can do to be more positive. Let me produce some tips here from my journals.

1. Mind becomes what you eat - Literally, its true. Feed on natural food. Lesser and lesser fast food or processed food.

2. Yoga - Yoga helps. A lot. Period. How and why will make this article into a book. So not going there. But just do it.

One more tip that I personally use is that you should count your challenges too. But look at them and be happy that you are still doing great inspite of them. Let me do a similar analysis of my job here.

Challenge no. 1
Shift timings - I work in shift timings. Every week shift changes. Only one day off per week. Timings are morning 6 to 2, then afternoon 2 to 10 and night is 10 to 6 morning.
Blessing no. 1
Only 8 hours - I have to devote only 8 hours here. No more no less. Commute takes only 15 minutes. So I am getting a lot of time for preparation.

Challenge no. 2
Pollution and Hazard - There is no doubt that it is there. Flue gas, dust, graphite particles and heat emitted by molten steel are just the pollution creators. Talking about hazard; everyday climbing up the cranes, risk of carbon mono-oxide at top floor, faulty structures...
Blessing no. 2
Conditioning - I love toughness. I am talking about tough, army like men. For quite a time, I was working to be more like it. God has given me this opportunity to do it more quickly. Now I am much bold and fearless, thanks to my surroundings.

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