Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ISB info session

I registered 2 months back for the ISB info session. It was going to be held on 31st July in Kolkata. Covering more than 500kms in a day and spending precious one day weekly-off for a 2 hour session might not be a good deal but it was worth all the effort :)

I reached the venue(Hotel Taj Bengal) 3 hours before the session. The previous morning session was still not finished. So I spend my time exploring the beautiful hotel lobbies, tasting blueberry cake in Deli and having club sandwich plus Jamaican blue mountain in their promenade.

The session was crisp and info provided was more than their website. They talked about their value system and teaching methodology at ISB. There were three people from Ad-Com and they talked about the kind of people they are looking for. There was a Q&A round which cleared queries from the aspirants. After session, there was informal chat with the alums.

My next post would be having some pointers specific to ISB which I gathered at info session.