Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some helpful pointers gleaned from ISB Info Session

The ISB info session held in kolkata on 31st July was very crisp and professional. They started exactly at 3 pm. Number of participants was around 100. There were total 3 members from admission committee there. One young lady was the alumni of ISB itself and she opened the session by talking about the agenda of session.

The second member was somewhere around 35 and he had great communication skills and sense of humor. He started by showing a video of ISB which compared the career of a person to an F1 race. In that race, ISB acts as pit-stop break to give your career a new vigor. It was pretty cool video.

Then he talked about emerging markets. ISB is very clearly focused on the emerging markets. Someone who has association with emerging markets would definitely has an advantage.

The faculty at ISB is one of the best. They invite professors who are best in their respective fields. Industry leaders also come and take courses which still evolving and they do not just take a guest lecture instead cover a full course.

ISB wants to develop an integrative approach towards problem solving in their students. Innovation and sustainability require cross-functional teams working together. So integrative approach can be developed if students get a chance to work in teams consisting of members who are diverse in profile. ISB stresses a lot on diversity in terms of industry and function.

ISB does not has summer internship. Instead it has Experiential Learning Program(ELP) where real time consulting projects are awarded to students. There are also Faculty initiated Research projects(FIRP) in which students can work with a faculty member in a research area. ISB also has exchange programs in 36 B Schools across the world including Pakistan :). 70-75 percent of students who join ISB undergo career-shifts. So career-shift is encouraged and common in ISB.

The third member was an elderly one. He told that interviews and essays are very important in admission process. To excel in both, the key is self awareness and for that one must do a lot of introspection. Seniors at workplace whose work is impacted by your performance are ideal recommenders.

Last pointer is about essays. One should be clear about his future goals. One should be aware of his USP and what he is bringing to the table. These two factors are playing a very important role in this year's ISB admission essays.

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